Motto: Starting Point

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Starting point

We start with ourselves and the people you like, who you could see as a friend. We consider that we have

the space to grant each other something. Just because it’s fun to help each other. If we then discover that it saves a lot of time and money, while it brings a lot of joy doing the things you like and consider important together; and to share the things you have, we’ll be on an entirely different track. Enrichment through differences; when you share you have more; I am allowed to be who I am; the space is there for everyone, sometimes together, sometimes alone.. Free will is leading and being social is human.


Use what you have, do what you like, connect with what you love and share the fortune with each other. When you share you have more; ‘trade free’ a new economic order.


Let’s start with what we’ve got and with what we like to do. And let’s never stop that.